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Financial Transparency - Budget Information

The budget of Graham Independent School District is developed based upon needs and goals set by the Key Players in the District. Each Spring, Campus Leaders and Program Directors work with the Key Players on their team to develop budget requests based upon needs, using surveys and discussions. Budget proposals are presented to the CFO for review prior to recommendation to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees.

Key Steps in the Budget Process are: Calendar development and approval; Delivery of relevant cost data to campus and department administrator; Campus needs assessment process and consideration of the Site Based Decision Team and District Improvement Team; Setting of campus and district goals; Pupil Refined Averaged Daily Attendance projections; Salary information in regard to market surveys; Projections of tax levy and other revenues; State Property Values; Board input, deliberation and decision making.

Adopted Budget 2023-24

Proposed Budget 2023-24

Adopted Budget 2022-23

Proposed Budget 2022-23

Adopted Budget 2021-2022

Proposed Budget 2021-2022

Adopted Budget 2020-2021

Proposed Budget 2020-2021

Adopted Budget 2019-20

Proposed Budget 2019-20

Adopted Budget 2018-19

Proposed Budget 2018-19

Adopted Budget 2017-18

Proposed Budget 2017-18

Adopted Budget 2016-17 

Proposed Budget 2016-17

Adopted Budget 2015-16

Proposed Budget 2015-16

Adopted Budget 2014-15

Proposed Budget 2014-15

Adopted Budget 2013-14

Proposed Budget 2013-14

Adopted Budget 2012-13

Proposed Budget 2012-13

Contact Finance Department

Mr. Don Davis
Finance Director
Phone:  940.549.0595
Fax:  940.549.8656