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Speech/Language Services


‚ÄčSpeech-Language Pathologists

Melynda Cox, MS, CCC-SLP

Kelly Brockway, BS, SLPA

Pioneer Elementary  (940) 549-2442  

Dana Weldon, MA, CCC-SLP

Crestview Elementary (940) 549-6023  

Susan Fergeson, MA, CCC-SLP

Susan Fergeson

Woodland Elementary (940) 549-4090


Graham Junior High (940) 549-2002


Graham High School (940) 549-1504



Speech-language therapy services are provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist and/or speech-language pathologist assistant.  Individual services are based on the Individual Education Plan determined by the evaluation and the IEP process.


Speech-Language Pathology addresses many domains; however, not all are addressed in the school setting.  School-based Speech-Language Pathology addresses the following areas of functional/academic communication:

·        Articulation – speech sounds and their disorders

·        Language – receptive language (what is understood, input) and expressive language (what is expressed, output)

·        Fluency – refers to stuttering (sound, word repetitions, blocks, etc.)

·        Pragmatics – social language used with peers, teachers and others

·        Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) – speech devices and their use for communication

Speech-Language Pathology includes additional domains, but these are less commonly addressed in the school setting.