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The Special Education Program for Children with Disabilities provides services for children ages birth through 21.  If you are aware of a child who is suspected of having a disability, please contact GISD/Department of Individualized Instruction (940) 549-3399 or Region IX Education Service Center (940) 322-6928 or (940) 322-8297 for information about screening and evaluation at no cost.

Public schools in Texas provide for the special education of children who have a disability.  Children with identified physical, mental, perceptual, speech, language, social and/or emotional disabilities may be eligible for the program.  Children with vision and/or hearing problems may be eligible for services beginning at birth.  GISD/Department of Individualized Instruction will use information from a variety of sources to determine eligibility according to Texas Education Agency guidelines.


El programa de Educación Especial para niños con incapacidades ofrece servicios para niños recién nacidos hasta la edad de 21 años.  Si usted sabe de un niño que quisás tendrá una incapacidad, favor de ponerse en contacto con Graham ISD (940) 549-3399 o Region IX Education Service Center (940) 322-6928, (940) 322-8297 o (800) 375-8297 para obtener informaci?n sobre estos servicios.  Estos servicios son gratis.

Contact SPED

Natalie Husen
Special Education Director
Phone:  940.549.3399
Fax:  940-549-